GroeneWelle is a training centre that incorporates all levels of pre-vocational education, secondary vocational education – including apprenticeship training (VET) – and adult vocational education (Lifelong Learning). We are also developing various international activities.

We are situated in the central area of the Netherlands at two sites: one at Zwolle and one at Hardenberg. In total, we have approximately 1700 students in the vocational department. We have about 470 pupils in our secondary education department. GroeneWelle has about 180 employees.

Our goal in the secondary education department is to make international projects a regular part of our curriculum and to take part in international projects. Sofar we have coördinated 3 Comenius projects: Thinking and Acting Green (2009 – 2011), TripleR4EU (2011 – 2013) and Health = Wealth (2013-2015). At this moment we are a partner in an Erasmus+ project, “INCLUDE”.

This year (2017) we will start a bilateral cooperation in which our examstudents HGL will take their English oral exams at Kelvin Hall in Hull.  Contact with schools in Germany will be made , in order to set up the same kind of exam for the German language pupils.


GroeneWelle received the certificate ‘European VET Charter’ in December 2015. We received the certificate for the encouraging of our employees and students to work at assignments for international clients.