Facts and figures

Kalamata, 06.04.2017
Learning Activity: A campaign for Democracy
Participant students: 40
Participant teachers: 12

Kalamata, 02.04.2017
First International Learning Activity in Greece
Participant students from Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy: 20
Participant students from Greece: 40
Participant teachers from Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy: 9
Participant teachers from Greece: 6

Ravenna, 25.02.2017
Who are the migrants?
A lesson by the Chilean visiting professor Davide Piacenti.
Participant students: 41
Participant teachers: 2
This is the report on a local newspaper


Ravenna, 20.02.2017
30 years of Erasmus. Best practices in town
National meeting on best practices in Erasmus+ projects.
Invited: all the schools in the sub-regional area:  112
Participant schools: 16
Participant students: 108 (also 4 Chilean students)
Participant teachers: 36
This is the report on a local newspaper


Ravenna, 04.02.2017

Children uprooted
An inspiring speech by Lucio Melandri, UNICEF Refugee & Migrant Cell Coordinator.
Participant students: 82
Participant teachers: 8
Free lancers and journalists: 3
This is the report on a local newspaper


Siaulai, 18.01.2017
The Official Logo
All the students of the project were invited to vote for the official logo
Involved students: 100
Involved teachers: 25
Voters: 122
The winner got: 30 votes (every school could vote only for a logo of a different school)
This is the winner


Ravenna, 05.01.17
Local logo competition
All the students were invited to draw the project logo and vote for three of them to participate in the international competition.
Involved students: 43
Participant students in the competition: 10
Votes: 276
Number of selected logos: 3
You can see the final 3 selected logos here

Ravenna, 29.11.16
General open day of all the schools – subregional area (organized by Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri)
Presentation of the project to the families interested in enrolling children in school
Involved teachers: 2
Involved students: 2
Participant families: 110
Positive feedback: 18

Ravenna, 26.11.16
Open day of the school (local area)
Presentation of the project to the families interested in enrolling children in school
Involved teachers: 4
Involved students: 4
Participating families: 220
Positive feedback: 62

Ravenna, 24.11.16
International Conference on New Competences for a changing world (see details)
Involved schools: 12
Communication to: approx 2000 teachers
Participant local authorities: 2
Participant teachers: 32
Participant students: 40
Positive feedback by teachers: 32

Ravenna, 23.11.16
Transnational Project Meeting
Presentation to the school
Involved teachers: 12
Involved students: 43
Involved staff members: 4
Positive feedback: 59

Ravenna, 08.11.16
Presentation to families and students (two classes)
Involved families: 43
Approved by: 43
Positive feedback: 43
Participants: 20

Ravenna, 13.10.16
Presentation to the staff (two classes)
Involved teachers : 24
Approved by: 24
Positive feedback: 12
Creation of the project team: 6 teachers

Ravenna, 20.09.16
Presentation to the school (general meeting)
Involved teachers : 142
Approved by: 142
Positive feedback: 66