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Program Meeting in Zwolle

Day and colleague in charge Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday 15 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Voswijk

  Meet at Zwolle station south side

Italy: In Zwolle about 13.13 or 13,43

Lithuania: In Zwolle about 12.13 or 12.43


Greece: In Zwolle around 21.43 or 22.13


Monday 16 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Dullemond

Mr. Roosken


Teachers walk to school from hotel with Mrs. Dullemond

09.00 classroom 239/240

– Welcome by Chairman of the board Mr van Kuilenburg

– Presentations by Dutch pupils about education in NL

– Tour through the school


– Teachers attend lessons

– Guest pupils visit lessons


– Free time for pupils

19.00 Dinner at Grace for guest teachers

Tuesday 17 April      
Mrs. Dullemond

Mr. Roosken

Mrs. Voswijk


– Pupils attend lessons with hosts

11.00 classroom 127

– Guest teachers project meeting

12.15 classroom 239/240

– After lunch preparing for presentations

15.00 little canteen

– Presentations pupils about MEETEN


Free time for pupils and colleagues
Wednesday 18 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Voswijk

Mr. Roosken

08.30 classroom 239/240

– At school in classroom


– Foodbank Zwolle

12.15 classroom 239/240

– Instructions about visit at Zonnehuis


– “Zonnehuis”


Free time for pupils and colleagues
Thursday 19 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Voswijk

Mr. Roosken

Mrs. Woltinge

Mrs. Dullemond

08.30 Starbucks


– Meeting with alderman Jan Brink Cityhall


– City tour



– Free time for pupils after fun on the city canals

– Guest teachers lunch on water



– Bowling and farewell dinner for teachers and pupils at Urbana Zwolle

Friday 20 April      
Mrs. Woltinge

Mr. Roosken

09.00 station Zwolle South side

– Departure for Amsterdam


– Visit Amsterdam Dungeons

12.30 – 13.00 Amsterdam Dungeons

13.30 Rijksmuseum till….

14.30 Free time Amsterdam till 16.00 (departure train 16.14)



– Return from Amsterdam

Saturday 21 April      
Mrs. Dullemond

Mrs. Woltinge

Departure guests – Meet at south side of Zwolle station

Lithuania 06.47 departure from Zwolle station, arrival at Schiphol at 07.55 about 8.00 at Schiphol



Italy: 15.17 from Zwolle station, arrival at Schiphol at 16.25

Greece: 16:17 or 16:47 from station Zwolle, departure from Schiphol 20:55.



Second day of the Ravenna LTTA


After arrivals, the meeting is entering the heart of the project.


  • presentations on National Educational System, our school, our city and traditions and peculiarities
  • an involving debate about values like freedom, equality and safety
  • a delicious break of homemade food offered by our families
  • guided tour of the school and some activities in classroom
  • meeting of teachers
  • final Kahoot to discover how much all of us paid attention to the presentations… (and Kelly was the winner!)
  • guided tour to three Unesco World Heritage monuments in Ravenna