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Program Meeting in Zwolle

Day and colleague in charge Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday 15 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Voswijk

  Meet at Zwolle station south side

Italy: In Zwolle about 13.13 or 13,43

Lithuania: In Zwolle about 12.13 or 12.43


Greece: In Zwolle around 21.43 or 22.13


Monday 16 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Dullemond

Mr. Roosken


Teachers walk to school from hotel with Mrs. Dullemond

09.00 classroom 239/240

– Welcome by Chairman of the board Mr van Kuilenburg

– Presentations by Dutch pupils about education in NL

– Tour through the school


– Teachers attend lessons

– Guest pupils visit lessons


– Free time for pupils

19.00 Dinner at Grace for guest teachers

Tuesday 17 April      
Mrs. Dullemond

Mr. Roosken

Mrs. Voswijk


– Pupils attend lessons with hosts

11.00 classroom 127

– Guest teachers project meeting

12.15 classroom 239/240

– After lunch preparing for presentations

15.00 little canteen

– Presentations pupils about MEETEN


Free time for pupils and colleagues
Wednesday 18 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Voswijk

Mr. Roosken

08.30 classroom 239/240

– At school in classroom


– Foodbank Zwolle

12.15 classroom 239/240

– Instructions about visit at Zonnehuis


– “Zonnehuis”


Free time for pupils and colleagues
Thursday 19 April      
Mrs. Benedictus

Mrs. Voswijk

Mr. Roosken

Mrs. Woltinge

Mrs. Dullemond

08.30 Starbucks


– Meeting with alderman Jan Brink Cityhall


– City tour



– Free time for pupils after fun on the city canals

– Guest teachers lunch on water



– Bowling and farewell dinner for teachers and pupils at Urbana Zwolle

Friday 20 April      
Mrs. Woltinge

Mr. Roosken

09.00 station Zwolle South side

– Departure for Amsterdam


– Visit Amsterdam Dungeons

12.30 – 13.00 Amsterdam Dungeons

13.30 Rijksmuseum till….

14.30 Free time Amsterdam till 16.00 (departure train 16.14)



– Return from Amsterdam

Saturday 21 April      
Mrs. Dullemond

Mrs. Woltinge

Departure guests – Meet at south side of Zwolle station

Lithuania 06.47 departure from Zwolle station, arrival at Schiphol at 07.55 about 8.00 at Schiphol



Italy: 15.17 from Zwolle station, arrival at Schiphol at 16.25

Greece: 16:17 or 16:47 from station Zwolle, departure from Schiphol 20:55.



Meeting in Zwolle – Programme with activities

Pupils evaluationoktober 2018




Project number: 2016-1-IT02-KA219-024515_3

Report of the LTTA at AOC de Groene Welle in Zwolle,

The Netherlands

from April 15th until April 21st, 2018


The meeting and the activities were carried out as planned in the timetable.


Sunday April 15th:

All the guests arrived at the train station in Zwolle. They were welcomed by their hosts and members of the Include project group.


Monday April 16th:

All the participants were welcomed at the school by Mr. R. van Kuilenburg, Chairman of the board of AOC de Groene Welle. He explained why international projects are considered to be a very important part of the curriculum and told the guests about the school. After this welcome students of de Groene Welle presented the Dutch educational system and de Groene Welle to their guests. The presentation was followed by a tour through the school building in Zwolle. In the afternoon lessons were attended by students and teachers. This gave them a bit of an insight into the way of teaching at de Groene Welle.

In the evening a welcoming dinner was organized for the guests at one of the Dutch teachers’ home in Zwolle. Students enjoyed their free time with the host families.


Tuesday April 17th:

After arriving at school students actually attended and participated in lessons according to the schedule of their hosts.

Teachers had a project meeting. The programme of the meeting in Zwolle was discussed and agreements about dissemination and end evaluations were made. (products should be uploaded in the website and in the Twin-Space of the project). The Greek partner will upload all output. It should be sent by email to her by all partners.

The end report has to be written by Italy (coordinator of the project).

Presentations used during the meeting will be uploaded into the website by the

Netherlands. Greece will put them in e-twinning

After lunch the students made the final preparations for the presentations of the project MEETEN. After the preparations had finished, the student workgroups presented their ideas on how to make the project MEETEN work and become a success. It was surprisingly nice to see how the different partner schools had dealt with this task from different views. In using IT tools, advice on how to do this efficiently and safely was given.

Students and teachers had time of their own in the evening.




Wednesday April 18th

At 8.30 everyone gathered in the classroom to receive information about the visit to the foodbank in Zwolle. The trip to the foodbank was done by means of a typical Dutch way of transport: the bicycle.

At the foodbank the structure, way of working and aims were explained. After the tour through the building students and teachers actively took part in preparing the baskets of food.

Back at school everyone had lunch.

After lunch students and teachers got instructions about the visit to the Zonnehuis, a care centre for elderly and mentally disabled people. Presentations about the care and the centre itself was given by employees of the centre. After this students were invited to have a walk around the neighbourhood with some clients of the centre. All participants enjoyed the walk very much.

Today the main aims were to learn about Inclusion and the way the city of Zwolle is dealing with this social problem and to participate actively in this.


The evening was spent in the host families and the teachers spend their free time in Zwolle.


Thursday April 19th

In the morning a meeting with the city counsil of Zwolle was planned. Therefor the group was invited at the city hall and welcomed into the council chamber. After receiving some information about Zwolle and the way the city of Zwolle is dealing with inclusion and prevention of exclusion, the way a Dutch city counsil deals with and takes decisions on issues was presented by means of a roleplay. In this roleplay students and teachers actively performed as a city counsil and decided on how to deal with the problem of refugees from Syria coming to Zwolle.

After this “Kick off” Harry van Bommel, former member of the Dutch parliament, led the group into a discussion about several initiatives undertaken in Zwolle.

“Zwolle doet!” is one of the initiatives and they were present at the meeting.

They received some valuable tips from the students.

Discussed were: the initiatives of the city counsil; the way some of the issues were dealt with in Italy, Greece and Lithuania; advice of students on improving Zwolle’s initiatives. Next to that the city counsil got a valuable insight into the way of life of the students of all the partner schools.

The afternoon was spent in Zwolle. Dutch students had prepared an informative tour through Zwolle. Part of the tour took them through Zwolle by boat on the canals.


In the evening a farewell dinner was organized in one of the restaurants in Zwolle. There was the opportunity to dance, eat and do some bowling. Certificates were handed out.



Friday April 20th


This day the group went to Amsterdam for a cultural visit. Students and teachers were informed about the Dutch history in the ages of the VOC. In the Amsterdam dungeons they were put into several situations. By playing a part in these situations performed by actors, they actively experienced the way people lived in these days.


After this experience the Rijksmuseum was visited. Here they had a close look at paintings from famous Dutch painters (eg. Rembrandt).

The day ended with some free time to spend in the historical centre of Amsterdam.

After the return to Zwolle, Dutch students had organized a BBQ for their guests in one of the students’ garden.


Saturday April 21st


During the day all guests said goodbye and left from train station Zwolle on their trips home.


Only for Italian students

For everyone:

evaluation of the Italian LTTA:

ONLY for the participants in the Lithuanian mobility

evaluation of the Lithuanian LTTA:

For everyone:

Task in the Include Twin Space:

About  etwinning,

1.students should access twinspace, and the forums (from the top menu). There, i have created 3 forums with 3 corresponding threads.
One forum and a thread for the meeting in Kalamata, one for the meeting in Ravenna, one for the meeting in Siauliai.
Participant students are asked to write their memories from each meeting.

2. students should write their ideas about what they could do to help their local community combate social discriminations.
On the activity page named  combating discriminations..(left side), there is a  meetinwords link. (    They click on that link and the meetingwords environment appears, where they can write their ideas.

ONLY for the participants in the Dutch mobility:


DRAFT PROGRAMME draft programme 632018


15/4 Bologna/Monaco 6,40/7,45 + Monaco/Amsterdam 8,45/10,20
21/4 Amsterdam/Frankfurt 18,30/19,35  + Frankfurt/Bologna 21,50/23,10
Euro 223,00 incluso bagaglio Kg 23 + bagaglio a mano Kg 8
+ Minibus a/r Euro 44,00 per persona


Siauliai February 2018

Erasmus+/KA2, Siaulai 5-11/2/2018


Shrove celebration at the Open-air Museum of Lithuania (Rumsiskes)

Saturday, 10th of February

Farewell dinner and certificates

Friday, 9th of February


Visit to the NGO “Siauliu Viltis”

Friday, 9th of February


Activities at school 

Friday, 9th of February


Thursday, 8h of February

At the Hill of Crosses: what a magic place

Wednesday, 7th of February


Workshop at the famous Ruta factory

Wednesday, 7th of February

At the Town Hall

Wednesday, 7th of February

Siaulai State College

Wednesday, 7th of February

Life in a modern school during the international meeting

Tuesday, 6th of February


NGO: Association of Lieporiai School Community members

Tuesday, 6th of February


Excursion around Siauliai

Tuesday, 6th of February


All partner schools evaluated the C3 mobility which took place in Siaulai-Lithuania, 5-11 February, 2018.

The evaluation made by Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Ravenna-Italy,  is available here

The evaluation made by Siauliu Lieporiu gimnazjia, Siauliai-Lithuania, is available Lhere

The evaluation made by Aoc de Groene Welle, Zwolle-Netherlands, is available here

The evaluation made by 4° Geniko Lykeio, Kalamata – Greece, is available here


is available here: PROGRAMME


Ravenna September 2017

Erasmus+/KA2, Ravenna 18-24/9/2017


The final event

Saturday, 23rd of September

At the University

Friday, 22nd of September


At the Town Hall

Friday, 22nd of September


Activities at school and the Ravenna manifesto

Friday, 22nd of September


Visit to the NGO Villaggio del Fanciullo and cooking class

Wednesday, 20th of September

An important visit to a fabulous NGO in Marina di Ravenna

Wednesday, 20th of September



Tuesday, 19th of April


All partner schools evaluated the C2 mobility which took place in Ravenna-Italy, 18-24 September, 2017.

The evaluation made by Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Ravenna-Italy,  is available here

The evaluation made by Siauliu Lieporiu gimnazjia, Siauliai-Lithuania, is available here

The evaluation made by Aoc de Groene Welle, Zwolle-Netherlands, is available here

The evaluation made by 4° Geniko Lykeio, Kalamata – Greece, is available here


is available here:    ultimate programme