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Erasmus+/KA2- Strategic Partnerships for School Education 2016‐1‐IT02‐KA219‐024515_2

INCLUDE – Ict, Non‐formal learning, Creativity and Life skills. Universal Democracy    for Entrepreneurship

Transnational Project Meeting, Ravenna, 21-25/11/2016

The report document of C1 mobility is available here

Learning/Teaching/Training Activity-C1

4th Senior High School of Kalamata, Kalamata-Greece, 2-8/4/2017
4ο Γενικό Λύκειο Καλαμάτας, Καλαμάτα-Ελλάδα, 2-8/4/2017

 The report document of C1 mobility is available here

Learning/Teaching/Training Activity-C2

Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Ravenna, Italy, 18-24/9/2017

The report document of C2 mobility is available here

Learning/Teaching/Training Activity-C3

Siauliai Lieporiai Gymnasium, Siauliai, Lithuania, 5-11/2/2018

The report document of C3 mobility is available here

Learning/Teaching/Training Activity-C4

AOC de Groene Welle in Zwolle, The Netherlands, 15-21/4/2017

 The report document of C4 mobility is available here


These are our expected mobilities (LTTAs)

April 2017: Kalamata

September 2017: Ravenna

February 2018: Siaulai

May 2018: Zwolle

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30 years of Erasmus – best practices in town

Ravenna, 20.02.2017
A national meeting to show Erasmus+ best practices, directly by the winner schools.
Students presented their experience: “I’ do again tomorrow, it changed my life”; “When you are around a table with 8 different countries students you feel you have the same language, you are just human beings and brothers”.
Teachers developed some typical aspects of their projects: Impact and dissemination, outputs, priorities.  

The event is part of the official European calendar of events


Children uprooted

Ravenna, 04.02.2017
A lecture by Lucio Melandri, UNICEF Refugee & Migrant Cell Coordinator.
About 50 millions children are uprooted now and the number is growing.
After the WW2 we succeeded in including refugees, migrants, people without a place to stay.
Now we build walls and we look at them as a danger…
What can we do?

Erasmus+ 30th Anniversary: best practices in town

In Ravenna on 20th February we will have an international event to celebrate the Erasmus+ program 30th Anniversary. Here the programme

We chose this date because it’s the World Day of Social Justice and this is one of the main interests of our project.

In the morning, the students’ experience.

In the afternoon, the experts’ lectures and the teachers’ experience.