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Only for Italian students

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evaluation of the Italian LTTA:

ONLY for the participants in the Lithuanian mobility

evaluation of the Lithuanian LTTA:

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Task in the Include Twin Space:

About  etwinning,

1.students should access twinspace, and the forums (from the top menu). There, i have created 3 forums with 3 corresponding threads.
One forum and a thread for the meeting in Kalamata, one for the meeting in Ravenna, one for the meeting in Siauliai.
Participant students are asked to write their memories from each meeting.

2. students should write their ideas about what they could do to help their local community combate social discriminations.
On the activity page named  combating discriminations..(left side), there is a  meetinwords link. (    They click on that link and the meetingwords environment appears, where they can write their ideas.

ONLY for the participants in the Dutch mobility:


DRAFT PROGRAMME draft programme 632018


15/4 Bologna/Monaco 6,40/7,45 + Monaco/Amsterdam 8,45/10,20
21/4 Amsterdam/Frankfurt 18,30/19,35  + Frankfurt/Bologna 21,50/23,10
Euro 223,00 incluso bagaglio Kg 23 + bagaglio a mano Kg 8
+ Minibus a/r Euro 44,00 per persona


Siauliai February 2018

Erasmus+/KA2, Siaulai 5-11/2/2018


Shrove celebration at the Open-air Museum of Lithuania (Rumsiskes)

Saturday, 10th of February

Farewell dinner and certificates

Friday, 9th of February


Visit to the NGO “Siauliu Viltis”

Friday, 9th of February


Activities at school 

Friday, 9th of February


Thursday, 8h of February

At the Hill of Crosses: what a magic place

Wednesday, 7th of February


Workshop at the famous Ruta factory

Wednesday, 7th of February

At the Town Hall

Wednesday, 7th of February

Siaulai State College

Wednesday, 7th of February

Life in a modern school during the international meeting

Tuesday, 6th of February


NGO: Association of Lieporiai School Community members

Tuesday, 6th of February


Excursion around Siauliai

Tuesday, 6th of February


All partner schools evaluated the C3 mobility which took place in Siaulai-Lithuania, 5-11 February, 2018.

The evaluation made by Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Ravenna-Italy,  is available here

The evaluation made by Siauliu Lieporiu gimnazjia, Siauliai-Lithuania, is available here

The evaluation made by Aoc de Groene Welle, Zwolle-Netherlands, is available here

The evaluation made by 4° Geniko Lykeio, Kalamata – Greece, is available here


is available here: PROGRAMME