The Erasmus+ Project INCLUDE is started!
INCLUDE  (ICT, Non-formal learning, Creativity and Life Skills. Universal Democracy for Entrepreneurship) is a 26-month European project  to share best practices among 4 schools in 4 different countries: LICEO CLASSICO DANTE ALIGHIERI, Ravenna, Italy (coordinator); AOC DE GROENE WELLE, Zwolle, The Netherlands; ŠIAULIŲ LIEPORIŲ GIMNAZIJA, Siauliai,Lithuania; 4° GENIKO LYKEIO KALAMATAS, Kalamata, Greece.


  • Being aware of a multicultural world
  • Giving more possibilities to disadvantaged people
  • Promoting citizenship
  • Increasing Right, Respect and Responsibility for all cultures
  • Combatting discriminations
  • Researching and experimenting innovative techniques
  • Developing skills for the changing world
  • Supporting ICT-based teaching
  • Introducing more non-formal and informal activities
  • Giving more space to creativity
  • Strengthening the critical thinking
  • Placing the student at the centre of learning process
  • Creating a cooperative teaching and learning environment
  • Motivating teachers and students
  • Enhancing European cooperation and reinforcing networks
  • Stimulating students and teachers to cooperate

We aim at improving the knowledge in:

  • Use of technology as an educational tool (I)
  • Non formal learning (N)
  • Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving (C)
  • Laws and citizenship (L)
  • Universal Declarations of Human Rights (U)
  • Democracy (D)
  • Equality (E)
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Multidisciplinary approaches
  • Use of CLIL
  • Literacy in Science, Technology and Mathematics

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